Raccoons are notorious trash-eaters and are also infamous for attacking when rabid. In reality, raccoons can be responsible for more realistic damage than just rabid attacks. Raccoons tend to make their way into your Memphis attic for a comfortable, dry and warm place to nest. These masked mammals are also frequently found in Memphis yards searching for food. DIY raccoon removal and raccoon control can be dangerous, so it's best left to the professionals, like the team at Wildlife X Team® Memphis! If you discover raccoon damage in your Memphis home or business, don't panic. The raccoon removal experts at Wildlife X Team® Memphis are ready to help with full-service raccoon control services and raccoon-proof your Memphis home. Call our office at 405.816.9700 today or contact us online here!

Raccoon Problems in Memphis

Raccoon damage in MemphisRaccoons can cause damage in your Memphis garden, yard, and home. Some of the most common raccoon calls we receive in Memphis include:

  • Destructive nesting & food seeking tendencies
  • Raccoons in the garage
  • Raccoon destruction in the attic
    • Ripped insulation
    • Soiled floors, set away from living area, where raccoons leave behind waste
  • Damage to walls due to feces and urine accumulation
  • Diseases & sickness from coming in contact with the raccoon or its waste
    • Raccoon roundworm, leptospirosis & more can be contracted through raccoon feces

Effective Raccoon Removal—Getting Rid of Raccoons

If you notice a raccoon on your property—or on your roof!—and are wondering who to call to get rid of raccoons in Memphis, we recommend the professionally trained raccoon pest control specialists like those at Wildlife X Team® Memphis for effective raccoon control. Raccoons may appear friendly when they are rabid, so we urge you to not approach them. Wildlife X Team® Memphis can safely remove and relocate raccoons and repair raccoon damage. Call our office today at 405.816.9700 or leave us more information on your raccoon problem here!