Although only common in certain areas of the United States, the nine-banded armadillo's primary destruction is to landscapes. Their diet consists mostly of grubs and insects and but when they burrow, it can affect the very structure of buildings. If you are experiencing armadillo damage on your property, call Wildlife X Team® Memphis at 405.816.9700. 

Common Armadillo Issues

Armadillos are not known for getting inside houses, but they can cause damage nonetheless. 

  • Ripped up landscapes/gardens to find insects
  • Weakened foundations on buildings

Get Rid of Armadillos

However uncommon, armadillos, like any other wildlife animal, are not a creature you want to have on your property. Call 405.816.9700 today to talk with an armadillo specialist in Wildlife X Team® Memphis. We can remove armadillos from your property and prevent any future armadillo problems.