A common occurrence in urban and suburban areas alike, many species of birds are enjoyed by spectators going about their daily routine. Birds can add a lot of enjoyment to the outdoor experience, but sometimes they cause trouble. Birds like gulls, pigeons and woodpeckers have reputations for being a nuisance, due to their common behavior. If birds are getting a little too close for comfort on your property and causing a ruckus in an otherwise peaceful outdoor experience, call Wildlife X Team® Memphis at 405.816.9700 to learn more about Memphis's bird population and how to address each issue properly.

Bird Problems

Birds like seagulls are known for swooping down into dumpsters and eating leftover food. Some other common complaints regarding birds involve:

  • Loud noises/squawking
  • Erratic behavior
  • Frequent defecation, often accumulating on rooftops

Are Birds Really a Nuisance or Danger?

Birds are an important part of the natural environment, but when they are too close for comfort, please do not approach them. Different bird types can be carriers of fatal diseases. There are some things untrained homeowners can do to discourage birds from coming near, but birds are best left alone until the professionals are involved who know how to properly handle them. Call Wildlife X Team® Memphis at 405.816.9700 today and get rid of birds!