One of the most unique, and often frightening, mammals of North America—the opossum (also referred to as the possum)—is often given a bad rap by humans. In the ecosystem, however, they work diligently to keep insect populations (and even that of small rodents) down. Opossums in their natural habitat are not problematic, but when these wild animals do encroach on your property or get inside your Memphis home, they become an issue. Contact the team at Wildlife X Team® Memphis to make sure your opossum problem is taken care of!

Opossum in Grass in Memphis Yard

Memphis Opossum Issues

Common Issues with Opossums:

  • Their search for food often leads them to agricultural crops and ornamental vegetation.
  • Opossums have been known to raid chicken coops, and sometimes eat chicks and smaller chickens.
  • Though opossums are not instigators, they can defend themselves if they feel threatened.
  • When opossums get too close, there is a chance of the transfer of parasites and diseases. 

Where Do Opossums Hide?

If an opossum does decide to get onto your property, the following are a list of places they are most likely to be found:

  • Attic
    • Like many other wildlife critters, opossums are drawn to warm, dry, isolated attics. Opossums in the attic can sound like several types of vocalization, like shrieking, hissing, or clicking. Having an opossum in your attic can mean major cleanup, including droppings and insulation restoration.
  • Under Decks & Porches
    • While scoping out your yard for potential food sources (trash bins, compost piles, etc.), opossums will need to locate nearby suitable shelter—which is often under your deck. Needless to say, opossums under your deck can be a threat to your pets or even you if you startle them.
  • In The Garage
    • ​Opossums may get into your garage as a means of more permanent and substantial shelter than a porch. They are drawn to cluttered areas with maximum protection.

Full-Service Opossum Control

Because they are such vigorous scavengers, it's fairly easy to tempt opossums into a trapping situation, especially under decks or porches. Opossums have the ability to spread diseases like leptospirosis and toxoplasmosis—both of which can be fatal to humans, so we do not recommend coming into contact with opossums. But don't worry—Wildlife X Team® Memphis offers quick and easy opossum removal and trapping to rid your yard of the marsupials. We can also repair any opossum damage to your Memphis outbuildings, yard, and home. Opossum-proof your yard and call Wildlife X Team® Memphis today! 405.816.9700