Many snakes are actually harmless, but it's not a bad idea to avoid interaction with them in case they are venomous. The simplest way to determine if a snake is venomous is to determine if they have triangular heads and pits between their eyes and nostrils. Many venomous species' pupils are elongated circles rather than normal circles (if you are close enough to see pupils, be especially careful!). Many people recognize rattlesnakes because of their namesake — the rattle on the end of their tail, which they shake as a warning. Whether you are facing a snake infestation on your property or just notice a single snake, call 405.816.9700 at Wildlife X Team® Memphis today. 

Snake Problems

Snake appearance alone is enough for some homeowners to request immediate removal. For the less ophidiophobic residents, the threat of being bitten or pets/loved ones being bitten, potentially with fatal results, is cause for concern. All snakes can disrupt homeowners' routines and/or cause damage, however, including:

  • Curling up in warm spots on patios or porches, to regulate their body heat
  • Hiding beneath overgrown shrubbery

Is Seeing Snakes Really a Cause for Concern?

As mentioned earlier, snakes are not inherently dangerous, but you still don't want them on your property. We can help remove snakes and deter them from returning. Call 405.816.9700 to speak with a trained professional from Wildlife X Team® Memphis today!