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Wildlife animals belong in nature, not in your home. Wildlife animals in your home can lead to some serious issues, including massive amounts of droppings that can grow mold, host parasites, and draw in insects. Read more to learn why handling wildlife feces is dangerous and why professional animal waste removal is necessary.

Animal feces can stain your walls and floor and provide a petri dish for diseases to fester. On top of being unsightly, they can also be difficult to clean. 

Dangers of Wildlife Feces

Wildlife X Team® Memphis is ready to remove any feces and waste health hazards from your home by cleaning up, sanitizing, deodorizing, and repairing the damage. Regardless of whether you have raccoons, squirrels, rodents, bats, armadillo, snakes, birds, skunks and opossum, all will produce droppings that can be hazardous to your health and the safety of your family. 

  • Raccoon feces — Found in attics, decks, roofs, and on your property, raccoon waste can be host to raccoon roundworm and more.
  • Rodent droppings — Mice and rats often spend time in areas with lots of food, like kitchens. The main disease transmitted by rodent droppings is Hantavirus.
  • Squirrel poop — Squirrels leave waste behind in attics and chimneys. Salmonella can be transmitted through squirrel feces.
  • Bat guano — Bat guano piles can breed mold, of which the spores can make humans seriously sick. Guano is usually found in attics.

Cleaning Up Wildlife Animal Waste

We do not recommend DIY wildlife feces and waste removal. Call Wildlife X Team® Memphis today for more information on our sanitation and waste removal services. You can also reach Memphis online today for wildlife sanitation & waste removal help.

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Project: Myranda C.
"We called about a trapped skunk and Doug came out to remove it. Turns out the skunk escaped the trap so he made sure the trap was set right and protected so the skunk would enter the trap. Once night time hit, we heard the trap and Sure enough, it was trapped! I texted him at 11 pm and he said he would come get it in the morning. He texted me the next morning saying they would come straight over from Church and they did! Took off with the skunk and our trap but generously left another trap to replace the one he took. I can’t thank you guys enough!!!"
Skunk Trapping
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