Attic Restoration

Finding an animal in the attic can be frightening, especially if you aren't immediately able to identify it as a wildlife animal. So if you think you have something inside your Memphis attic, don't worry! Many of our calls focus on Memphis attic wildlife removal, as the attic is one of the most common places for animals to nest in your home.

It shouldn't come as a surprise, since attics are safe, dark, isolated, away from humans, and warm; everything a wildlife animal—like a raccoon mother or a horde of mice—is looking for in a shelter.

A cornered mother raccoon with her babies can be aggressive and a safety hazard to you and your families. If you see a nest of any sort of animals in your attic, it is best to call the professionals and not try to remove them yourselves. Accidents can happen, and if you do get bit, you must see a doctor immediately.

Luckily for you, getting animals out and repairing your attic's damage are specialties of the team at Wildlife X Team® Memphis. Our technicians will be happy to restore your Memphis attic to a critter-free and clean condition, so you won't even be able to tell you ever had a wildlife animal in your attic. Call Wildlife X Team® Memphis today to learn more at 405.816.9700 or contact us online!

Help—There's Something in My Attic!

If you suspect an animal in your attic, don't worry. Although critters in the attic can create host of issues in your Memphis attic after they are removed. Learn more about the common attic calls we receive at Wildlife X Team® Memphis, including:

  • Stains, odors, and damage to flooring and walls from feces/urine
  • Nesting materials like leaves and sticks, leftover from nesting
  • The mold that grows on waste (most commonly bat guano, which grows histoplasmosis spores)
  • The scent of the animal alone drawing other animals into your home

Wildlife X Team® Memphis can help!

Now that the animals have been taken out of your Memphis home, it's time to address the attic damage. A frequent byproduct of animals in attics is damaged insulation. We can restore attic insulation and your attic will be like new. 

A step-by-step attic restoration process typically involves any combination of the following:

  • Wildlife exclusion — Our exceptional Exclusive Wildlife Inspection Report® will allow our technicians, and you, to be certain that the problem animal won't be coming back.
  • Clean-up — An important step in regaining the peace that comes from a wildlife-free home, clean-up is vital to our process. 
  • Insect removal — Secondary pests like insects often hang out where wildlife has been, or currently is, especially if there's a carcass nearby. We will ensure your attic is free from insects related to wildlife presence.
  • Disinfectant & deodorizer — After cleanup and insect removal is another important step of disinfecting the area and deodorizing, leaving no trace that the animal was ever there. 
  • Attic insulation installation/replacement — Restoring your insulation to its original R value or even improving that rating is another way we can help your home. Learn more about R value on the DOE's website.  Proper insulation levels can improve energy costs.

Give Wildlife X Team® Memphis a call today at 405.816.9700 to restore your home to its pre-critter state.