Attic Restoration

Do you think you have—or you've already discovered—something inside your attic? Don't worry! Many of our calls focus on Memphis attic wildlife removal, as the attic is one of the most common places for animals to nest in your home. It shouldn't come as a surprise, since attics are dark, isolated, away from humans, and warm; everything a wildlife animal is looking for in a shelter. Luckily for you, getting animals out and repairing your attic's damage are specialties of the team at Wildlife X Team® Memphis. Our technicians will be happy to restore your Memphis attic to a critter-free and clean condition, so you can't even tell you ever had a wildlife animal in your attic. Call today to learn more at 901.441.4910!

Common Wildlife in the Attic Problems

Bats in Memphis AtticCritters in the attic can leave a laundry list of issues in your Memphis attic after they are removed. Learn more about the common attic calls we receive:

  • Stains, odors, and damage to flooring and walls from feces and urine
  • Left-behind nesting materials like leaves and sticks
  • The mold that grows on waste (most commonly bat guano, which grows histoplasmosis spores)
  • The scent of the animal alone drawing other animals into your home

Wildlife X Team® Memphis can help!

Now that the animals have been removed, it's time to address the attic damage. A frequent by-product of animal presence in attics is damaged insulation. We can restore attic insulation and your attic will be as good as new. Give Wildlife X Team® Memphis a call today to restore your home to its original form. 901.441.4910

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Project: Myranda C.
"We called about a trapped skunk and Doug came out to remove it. Turns out the skunk escaped the trap so he made sure the trap was set right and protected so the skunk would enter the trap. Once night time hit, we heard the trap and Sure enough, it was trapped! I texted him at 11 pm and he said he would come get it in the morning. He texted me the next morning saying they would come straight over from Church and they did! Took off with the skunk and our trap but generously left another trap to replace the one he took. I can’t thank you guys enough!!!"
Skunk Trapping
Wildlife X Team is rapidly becoming the leader in the nuisance wildlife control industry. We lead the way in the development of technology, education, products and services in Wildlife Management.
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