Crawl Space Restoration

Cleaning Up Your Crawl Space

As soon as you discover wildlife in your home, chances are that the act of cleaning up the damage is the last thing on your mind—you just want them out! Just like attics, wildlife animals favor the crawl space of your home because it is dark and well-hidden from humans and the elements. And just like damage to your attic, animals can leave a mess behind after an infestation, including droppings, damages to insulation, and debris brought in from outside. These messes can lead to odors, water leaks, and loss of energy. 

Water damage to a house can be incredibly expensive and sometimes dangerous to the people living inside. These critters, although small, are capable of inflicting a lot of damage on your property if they are not properly controlled. It is best to nip this problem in the bud, before you have a much larger problem on your hands. 

Are there odors and damages coming from your crawlspace? Wildlife X Team® Memphis can clean up messes left behind and fix damages to prevent future messes. Call us now for more information on solving your animal-related problems and damage. 405.816.9700