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Is There Something in Your Home?

Are there mice in your walls? Maybe you have raccoons in the attic? Birds and bats nesting in the chimney?

Wildlife X Team® Memphis knows that wildlife animal removal can be costly and time-consuming, but we can help. Perhaps you know there's something in your attic, but you don't know what it is. Our team can identify, remove, and keep the wildlife creatures out of your Memphis home, including removing critters from your attic. Some additional wildlife removal services we provide to the Memphis area include:

Need help getting rid of raccoons? Our wildlife removal specialists will remove raccoons from your home and give tips on the best ways to keep them out with raccoon repellents and other preventative methods.

Mice or rats in your kitchen? Wildlife X Team® Memphis specializes in rat and mouse removal, repellents, and deterrents. We can also assist with sanitation and waste removal from a mouse infestation, including attic insulation and restoration. Learn more about mouse traps, glue boards, rat poison, and other extermination methods by calling us today!

Need to know how to keep squirrels off your property? The team at Wildlife X Team® Memphis has exceptional squirrel removal and trapping methods, long-lasting exclusion solutions, including repelling and preventing future squirrel infestations.

An opossum in your crawl space? These gentle creatures often trespass into garages and yards. Please call Wildlife X Team® Memphis at 405.816.9700 for assistance in getting rid of opossums and sealing your home to prevent them from coming back.

Contact Wildlife X Team today for help with all your wildlife removal, attic insulation replacement, wildlife cleanup and damage repair needs.