Rodent Control

Rodents are incredibly common pests throughout the world, and most of the time they are found in unhygienic areas, but sometimes they make their way into your Memphis home. Common rodents like mice and rats are considered a pest when they are too close to your house and family/pets to be safe. Known for carrying several dangerous diseases like hantavirus and leptospirosis, rodents can also be responsible for excessive property damage and food source contamination. The damage caused by rodents is not limited to either indoors or outdoors on your property, and they do not discriminate, effectively causing damage inside and out. Signs of rodent infestations can be anything from foul smells, scratching noises, or even droppings around your home. Call 405.816.9700 to speak with a Wildlife X Team® Memphis team member today and determine which rodent is causing damages, create a plan of removal and restore the rodent damages. 

Common Rodent Issues

  • Droppings and dead rodents can cause a foul smell.
  • Food and water contamination can be a serious threat.
  • Rodents are notoriously unhygienic and known for carrying many diseases.
  • Rats and other rodents are known to nest in attics and can chew and gnaw on your homes support beams and walls. Rodents also endanger your home by chewing on electrical wires that can cause fires. 
  • Rats and other rodents are known to bite through walls and foundations allowing other animals and pests to enter into your home.

Wildlife X Team Rodent Control Services

Do you think you have a rodent problem? Because of the multiple species of rodents, it's best to contact the professionals at Wildlife X Team® Memphis to have the best removal results. We have the traps and tools to effectively remove all rodents. Call Wildlife X Team® Memphis today at 405.816.9700!